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Between the world and you, building your network through the skies.

Being closely intertwined with Lyseo’s history, air transport lies at the very heart of our international transport operator know-how. This expertise will enable you to benefit from a broad range of solutions, whether global or specific, that meet your expectations in terms of costs and deadlines.

For competitive and secure service, from dispatch to delivery.

Combi : a global international transport solution, designed for you from end-to-end combining all of our air-land-sea transport solutions, including customs formalities and logistics. A solution which is optimized depending on your costs/deadline requirements.

L-Direct : our cross-trading solution, enabling to ship directly to your customer from the production plant to the delivery location, on all four corners of the earth. A customized offer for B2B or B2C e-commerce.

A high-quality customized offer encompassing all your international transport needs.

L-Éco : make the most of our groupage air solutions while optimizing costs and deadlines.

L-Express : for your priority, urgent or one-off shipments, ultra-quick response to your request followed by a rapid solution from pickup to delivery.

L-Star : a solution tailored to shipment of your delicate or fragile goods. A key area of expertise for Lyseo, in particular for wines and spirits.

E-Zéo : our offer dedicated to e-commerce operators, enabling to secure and manage flows of goods, in particular linked to the seasonality of certain electronic commerce sectors (textiles and clothing).

Our warehouses are positioned in strategic locations and function both as bonded warehouses and premises for logistical services, whether specific (storage and dispatch) or global (sorting, preparation of orders, repackaging…) (agency and warehouse addresses)
Thanks to a solid network of international partners, we guarantee available space and end-to-end traceability for your goods.
6,000 Shipments per year
65 Companies
100 Airports
6,500 Tons transported