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Created in 1974, SLMN which became Lyseo in 2010, is a international multi-modal transport operator.
Its global transport solutions expertise and international scope ranging from Europe to the emerging countries in Asia and the Middle East enable it to provide an offer tailored to its customers’ supply chain requirements.



Creation of SLMN


First connections
with Asia



11000m2 premises
at Corbas


Our dock surface is enlarged twice



SLMN becomes Lyseo


Geographical coverage
extends to
the Middle East
with the purchase
of Merzario



Lyseo further develops
with China
and opens an agency in Shanghai


New agencies
in Hong-Kong,
Tianjin, Ningbo,
Shenzhen et Xiamen



New agency
in Dubaï


Purchase of
B & B International project
and complete refurbishment of
our office building


Ethics and sustainable development, loyalty to our core values.

Our code of ethics is based on the core values upheld by all our employees, which we have turned into one of the drivers of our development.

Diversity is wealth. Lyseo holds corporate citizenship close to heart and has set itself the mission of supporting all profiles and career paths with equity based on individual competencies.

We are firm believers in professional integrity as this enables us to conduct business in a responsible manner. This is a commitment that all our employees and partners abide by, regardless of the country we are working in and the goods we are transporting.

Sustainable development is a major responsibility for a transport operator.
Lyseo ascertains that all employees place the utmost priority on this goal and that this is shared by all its partners throughout the world.

Being a transport operator and logistician, safety comes foremost for Lyseo. Our employees are kept updated on a daily basis concerning safety regulations and we ensure the same rigorous approach is adopted by our partners.

Performance, Team Spirit, Commitment, Trust, Agility: these five values symbolize the core drivers inherent to our DNA. These values are implemented daily in all our operations.

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  • Making the customer our central preoccupation
  • Guaranteed high-quality service
  • Rising to challenges together
  • Capitalizing on our complementarity
  • Turning our diversity into an asset
  • Combining our collective energy
  • Wholeheartedly abiding by our commitments
  • Knowing how to be proactive
  • Having a high level of professional conscience
  • Taking responsible decisions
  • Applying ethics and transparency to daily attitudes & behavior
  • Developing one’s creativity and cultivating innovation
  • Knowing how to be flexible and polyvalent
  • Fostering solution-oriented open-mindedness
240 employees
12 agencies
200 countries connected
160,000 Tons
25,000 m2 storage
1,400 customs

Between land and sea, being where you want to be.

Lyseo is an expert in global transport solutions with connections to over 200 countries. This worldwide coverage enables Lyseo to guarantee a consistent service on all four corners of the earth thanks to a network of agencies in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, and its WCA network partners. Lyseo also provides total traceability of the flow of goods throughout your supply chain.

Merzario is our subsidiary specialized in connections to the Middle East.

B & B International is an organizer of multimodal and international transport.

Our code of ethics is based on the core values upheld by all our employees, which we have turned into one of the drivers of our development.

Ours human values






Respecting oneself, others, customers and partners is the cornerstone of LYSEO’s code of ethics.


Our human resources policy
revolves around 4 commitments :

  • 1 • Ambitious recruitment which is open to diversity
  • 2 • Intensive training
  • 3 • Focus on mobility and internal promotion
  • 4 • Management of teams based on trust and respect

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