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Warehousing and storage of your goods.

With a storage capacity of over 4,500 pallets in bonded warehousing, Lyseo adapts your stock as soon as your goods arrive.
An order preparation and delivery service enables you to ship your orders directly to your premises or to your customers upon simple request.

Enhancing the management of your supply chain.

Being specialists of the organization of the flow of goods and being equipped with high-performance storage solutions, we can assist you with the monitoring of your supply chain with our range of logistics services, whether on a total or partial basis.
To bolster flexibility and optimize your supply chain, we choose with you the logistics solution that is best suited to your transport requirements.

Broad spectrum of customs expertise.

Lyseo offers a broad range of customs operations :
Import/export declarations
Transit, preparation of TIR and ATA merchandise passports
Goods exchange declaration
Management of customs procedures: bonded warehouses, single customs clearance…
Regulatory intelligence
Our warehouses are positioned in strategic locations and function both as bonded warehouses and premises for logistical services, whether specific (storage and dispatch) or global (sorting, preparation of orders, repackaging…) (agency and warehouse addresses)

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