Road transport

Abolishing the distance between you and your customers.

30 000+
tonnes of freight transported
2 500 000 +
km covered
300 +
partners across Europe

From shipping to delivery

LYSEO, with its experience in organising goods flows, offers a range of road transport services in France and throughout Europe and Asia. Whether integrated into our combined upstream or downstream multimodal transport offer, or as an exclusive service, our range of land transport services can be adapted to your requirements, whatever the circumstances.
Our expertise will enable you to benefit from a wide range of solutions, both global and specific, to meet your expectations in terms of costs and deadlines.

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global solutions

A competitive and secure service

Analysis of your needs, advice on your logistics strategy, local follow-up by a dedicated team, start-up and operation of your business...
-Reception, inventory, picking and packing, flashing, packaging management and copacking.
- 80,000m2 of storage space, including 90,000 pallets, most of which are bonded.
- Preparation of your BtoB and BtoC orders
- Shipment of your orders in France, Europe and internationally
- Exclusive agent network
- Multimodal transport of small parcels to full truckloads, by air, sea and rail to over 200 countries

Multiple solutions
Across the world
OUR services

Our multimodal solutions

Avion pour Transport Aérien LYSEO Group

Air transport

Air freight: fly your goods around the world.

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Maritime transport

Sea freight: sail more ecologically with multiple containerisation solutions.

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Road transport

Road freight: adapting to your requirements in all circumstances.

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Rail transport

Rail freight: efficient, economical and ecological for your long-distance transport.

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Project & off-schedule

Our expertise and dedicated teams for your unusual projects.

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Take control of your international transport.

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