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A powerful team

As a subsidiary of the LYSEO Group, we assert our specificity and strength under the name of LYSEO Special & Project.
In response to specific market demands, LYSEO Special & Project offers high value-added transport services.
Organised as a one-stop shop, we have developed over the past 20 years the methods and skills to provide global support to the various trades in the international transport sector and its environment.
In addition to the "general cargo" services offered by the group, LYSEO Special & Project takes on the specific management of complex, non-standard files and logistical challenges.

LYSEO Special & Project manages the complete routing of goods worldwide, including outsized cargoes, or in landlocked or geographically challenging countries.
Our experience also ensures that you can react quickly and efficiently to time-critical assignments. With our one-stop-shop organisation, your contact person remains your privileged support regardless of the activity. We believe that success starts with listening to and understanding our clients' needs.


A team that does not like routine

As partners of many manufacturers, we can find the ideal mode of transport (road, sea, air, river) for your goods, in France and abroad. Our experience guarantees you exceptional tailor-made transport with unrivalled cost optimisation and delivery times.
Outsized freight often concerns the transport of construction or agricultural vehicles or machinery, large construction equipment, sections of giant structures, industrial materials of exceptional dimensions, ships, etc. This freight has to use specific routes and means of transport other than the road network and other technical solutions, particularly for loading, which give rise to administrative or legal constraints.
In short, we need to create tailor-made logistics for them. Whatever the urgency or complexity of the cargo to be transported, our expertise will be at your service from the first to the last kilometre.


Outsized cargo from A to Z

LYSEO Special & Project is one of the world's leading providers of outsized and heavy haulage services, thanks to its extensive experience in the sector and a network of carefully selected partners.
Sea transport, special road convoys, river, rail or even air freight, solutions exist and we will find them, including at the global level.

Outsized transport is often multimodal, with pre- and post-transportation by road in heavy goods vehicles to the seaport or airport. But it can also be done by barge or with specialised containers loaded on sea freighters: OPEN TOP, FLAT RACK, platforms, or as well as the use of conventional break bulk services.  
We take care of the preliminary feasibility studies for the project: technical constraints, access, means of transport, administrative requirements, choice of the right transporter and vehicle for the different stages of the journey, itinerary, etc. Finally, we work with you to choose the right solution in terms of cost and time.
Support is at the heart of the way we handle high volume and heavy haulage. LYSEO Spcial&Project offers solutions and guarantees of confidence for the success of your industrial projects. So entrust us with your outsize freight and we will turn this constraint into an opportunity for your business. We will offer you tailor-made solutions for your dangerous products or products requiring special expertise and customs and insurance documentation.

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