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Turning the sea into an open space

As a specialist in containerised maritime freight, LYSEO offers global or customised management of your goods flows in standard or specific containers (refrigerated, fragile goods, etc.).
Thanks to our partners – the major shipping companies – our commercial offer covers all your import/export transport needs worldwide, taking into account your commercial, financial and logistical challenges.


A competitive and secure service

Whether comprehensive or tailor-made, our commercial offer is tailored to your requirements and needs:

Full Container Loads (FCL) : we transport all types of containers for ordinary, fragile, different sized goods, or those requiring temperature control.
Groupage (Less than a container load/LCL) : LYSEO operates its own maritime groupage from the main ports, and more specifically in China.
Consolidation (Container Freight Station/CFS) : we offer consolidation services (several suppliers for one customer) mainly from China to Europe.
RoRo (Roll-on, Roll-off) solutions : our expert solution for the transport of vehicles and bulky equipment (construction/handling equipment).
Combi : a global international transport solution, built for you, from start to finish, combining all our air-land-sea transport solutions, including customs formalities and logistics management. A solution optimised according to your cost/time criteria.

Through our network of shipping partners based in major international destinations, LYSEO offers competitive rates and availability of space and equipment. Our expertise in ocean freight will enable you to benefit from the most appropriate solution to your requirements from end to end of the supply chain and worldwide.

Global offer
Tailor-made offer

An unlimited range of containerisation solutions

Of course, ships offer "bulk" solutions for liquid products (oil, chemicals, foodstuffs, etc.) or solid products (ores, fertilisers, cereals, etc.) directly loaded in the hold.
However, the strength of maritime freight solutions lies above all in the impressive choice of containers.
DRY container : the most common container for the transport of parcels, pallets, crates, bags, etc. No liquid goods, hence the name (DRY). The largest are over 12 metres long. The HIGH CUBE container has a height of 2.89 m, in contrast to the standard height of 2.59 m.
OPEN TOP container : open roof with covering tarpaulin, ideal for top loading.
REEFER or refrigerated container : for foodstuffs in particular, temperature selected between -22°C or +22°C.
OPEN SIDE container : open on the side, it facilitates the loading of bulky goods.


Less pollution

Although concerns are often highlighted, such as problems related to fuel, oil spills and other discharges, maritime transport remains the least polluting freight solution per tonne of goods.

Indeed, on a per tonne basis, the greenhouse gas emissions are far lower.

With one litre of fuel, a ship carries one tonne of freight 243 km, compared to 35 km for road transport. The railway covers 213 km.
At the same time, the ship will emit 12 kg of CO2 compared to 14 kg for the train and 76 kg for the truck.

Finally, many ports and major players in the shipping industry are taking the ecological impact very seriously and are creating new processes, services, fuels and ships that consume less energy.

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